Serving the society is the noble mission but making it more effective is our mission

Non-Government Organizations has played a pivotal role in bringing change in society and to impacting the policies of the government for socio-economic and environmental benefits. In the current scenario, the scope for participation of society and social agencies has increased and they are playing an equal role in educating people for their duties and bringing them together to participate towards education, environment, health & hygiene programs. Many NGOs and Independent Activists who want to bring change through the participation of government bodies look for drafting RTI and PIL for their social cause and we at Lexited strive to provide them end to end consulting services from data collection, research, preparing drafts. Apart from this we also offer basic consulting services in day to day activities of NGOs to make them more effective in delivering their best to the society.

Following services are included in NGO / Social Agencies Consulting:

  1. RTI Consultation
  2. PIL Consultation
  3. Validation of Social Data Collection, Research and Privacy Policies
  4. IPR Infringement Risk Assessment, and Licensing Compliance
  5. Validation / Audit of NGO Policies for i.e. HR Policies, Employee Grievance, Sexual Harassment etc.

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