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At Lexited our expertise & belief in bringing success to businesses is one of the key strengths of our team. Our team's ability to provide independent, objective and robust advice to company management on the crucial and sensitive issues which characterize a merger or an acquisition in the public markets and to maintain a clear focus on what, in the eyes of our client, constitutes a successful deal.

Our M&A services takes many forms, from identification of need, analyzing possible strategic options, assessing deal valuation, formulating merger & acquisition terms, negotiation & structuring the deal, managing the transaction process for a successful closing.

Our Merger & Acquisition advisory and consulting services includes:

  1. Assessment: Need and Value assessment of the business to be acquired
  2. Research & Planning: Studying Pros and Cons of the deal, Strategic planning of acquisition for Local and International Markets
  3. Terms: Structuring the terms of deal and negotiations
  4. Transactions: Managing the transaction process and advice on financing, be it debt/equity or any other complex instruments

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