Intellectual Property Rights is a two-edge sword which safeguard your interest as well as protects other person interests too.

With globalization and growing demand of border free trade, market economics and business practices are evolving with fast pace. Earlier, Intellectual Property access and development was limited but in current digital world it has implementation beyond legal boundaries. Now developing an IPR itself is a strategy based approach to get protection and keep balance with innovations around.

At Lexited we have array of services under Intellectual Property Rights Consulting. We follow complete methodology to assess the organization's current goal and future goals to give them right guidance on compliance, registration and enforcement services. Our technology enabled professional advisory and excellent support services leads organization to be risk free and fully protected in least time.

Our IPR services includes advisory and consulting into:

  1. Trademark: Trademark is visible distinguished mark representing your products or services either legally registered or established by use.
  2. Patents: Patents are legal titles conferred to you by government authority for a set period to protect your inventions.
  3. Copyright: Exclusive and assignable legal right, given to the creator for a fixed number of years to protect literary, cinematography, artistic work and computer programs. 
  4. Designs: Differentiating Designs indicates and identify your product among other products in market.

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