Digitization has already become part & parcel of our life, and most importantly it is indeed It backbone of every organization too.

It is imperative to say that Technology is moving much faster than the Laws itself. Now-a-days every commercial records and transactions go through digital lifecycle and with more a& more digital resources and dependencies towards technology, we have become vulnerable to many ongoing and upcoming threats for data security. Digital platform has given excellent opportunities for growth and governance for citizens as well as nations, but safeguarding the interest of both against any commercial, social and personal harm is yet to reach optimum level. Ever evolving technology is expected to keep outpacing the development of Cyber and IT laws.

We at Lexited make sure to work with our technology enabled methodology to minimize any damages to our clients and to recover any loss of intellect or assets. We are providing IT & Cyber Law consulting services under following:

  1. Financial Frauds: Credit Cards frauds, Online Banking Frauds, Income guarantee Frauds, Multilevel Marketing Scheme frauds
  2. Data Protection & Phishing: Data hacking, Cyber Attacks, Phishing emails, Employment / appointment letters
  3. E-contracts: Validity and Jurisdiction of contracts for domestic & cross border business, e-commerce. 
  4. IT Compliance, Licensing & Policies: Reviewing of Organization IT / Software licensing and compliance, and drafting user and access polices for organization
  5. Online IPR Infringement: Infringement of IPR through digital medium
  6. Cyber Bullying & Stalking: Harassment through online medium by way of stalking or bullying
  7. Identity Management: Misleading and malicious campaigns against Identity of individual or organization

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