Corporate revolution has just begun, transformation is the new growth driver

Global markets are emerging with turn-around technologies and social evolution. Now workforce in any corporate is not restricted by boundaries and the concept of remote workplaces is already in practice. And with fast changing Corporate culture and expansion across the technology and manpower front, many corporate often "do not focus" (read ignore) on risk and liability assessment of their company. Having done this in a timely manner could strengthen their in-house legal compliance and statutory compliance.

At Lexited, we believe in providing a cost-effective and efficient solution to our clients with following strict approach:

  • within budget, and
  • on-time delivery

Our long-term business approach and dedicated team of professionals from different industries help us to associate (read team up) with start-ups, SMEs, Institutions with great ease.

Following services are included in Corporate Consulting:

  1. Documents Validation: Audit of Employee i.e. Full-time / Permanent appointment Letters, Contract Appointment, Part-time appointments, Other Employee Contracts, Vendor Agreements, HR, Work, Employee Grievance, Sexual Harassment and Premises Policies
  2. IPR Validation and Risk Assessment: Trademark, Patents, Copyright Consulting, IPR Infringement Risk Assessment and Licensing Compliance
  3. Finance Strategy & Transformation: Finance Strategy involves analyses of finance planning, budgeting, spending and reporting structure. Based on the study of the outline processes, leakages, optimizations and risk are assessed. Transformation services focus on enhancing and integrating the performance of three main finance areas – enhancing financial performance, financial control and financial operations. This includes offerings such as ‘Order to cash’, ‘Procure to pay’, ‘Acquire to retire’, ‘Plan to perform’ and ‘Record to report’ which help in ‘Right sizing' the finance organizations' cost base to meet the stakeholder objectives.
  4. Business Process Management & Performance Assessment: Understanding a business goal, vision and ongoing strategy of the company, which often involves an analysis of organizational structures, skills and competencies, current processes, information technology implementation, operating environment / culture and business linkage, organizational design and development, support with decision-making processes and reporting and planning requirements, as well as assistance with finance systems.

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